Powerful! describes the magnificent experience of seeing the elephant women of GIWAYEN MATA on stage playing instruments once held sacred only for initiated priests. Continuing the rich tradition of African drumming and African dance, GIWAYEN MATA articulates traditional West African rhythms on djembe, sangban, kenkeni, dununba drums and sekere. To the delight of our audiences and the pleasure of our ancestors we perform a repertoire filled with original and inspired works. Enjoy all this as you explore GIWAYEN MATA.




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GIWAYEN MATA’s 2014-2015 dance classses are here! On Sundays from 3-4:30 pm, come to Dance 411 @ 475 Moreland Avenue 30316  on . On Mondays and Thursdays at 6pm, come to Dance, Fight, Play @ 749 Moreland Avenue 30316. Both venues will give you the African dance experience of a lifetime.  Get details on our Classes page!



Speak Sistah Speak, Preserving A Legacy is a herstorical account of GIWAYEN MATA’S 20 years poetically and insightfully portrayed in fine photography and eloquent words of wisdom from the family of GIWAYEN MATA.

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Nov 29, 2014
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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